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Hilarious Wedding Fails You Will Never Forget

The best day of your life is your wedding day. All of us would want things to go as planned, but we all know it doesn’t go that way always, and some happy accidents can light up our mood while others end up in sheer terror.

From tipping over the wedding cake to slamming into the ceiling or getting photobombed in the most unusual ways are some epic fails that make you feel better about your special day. These priceless captured moments can be hilarious; check out the wackiest wedding fails:

Man of Steel

Imagine what it feels like to be thrown up in the air and get stuck in the ceiling, especially on your wedding day. We don’t know if this is funny or we should cry for the man, but such moments are definitely once-in-a-lifetime moments. And we are wondering how he could break through the ceiling; perhaps he is a MAN OF STEEL.

Chillin’ on the Vail

This one counts as a hilarious spot to be at on your wedding day. The pup is holding a precious little bouquet and chillin’ on the bride’s beautiful lacey wedding gown tail and vail. It is even funnier that the bride and groom don’t seem to notice that he’s sitting there adorably.

Starting the Marriage on a Rollercoaster

It seems like the couple exchanged their vows and “I Dos” and are ready to tie the knot. As soon as they were announced as “Husband and wife,” it looked like they were on an adventurous rollercoaster of their life, not in terms of ups and downs in the marriage but a legit ROLLERCOASTER.

We are not sure why they decided to get married on a rollercoaster, but it seems like the bride started having second thoughts about strappin’ in.

Fighting over Flowers

After the bride and groom become “Husband and wife,” it is a tradition the bride passes on the luck of engagement and wedding through the customary bouquet toss.

It can be intense to watch single ladies waiting to catch the bride’s bouquet of flowers, which can damper all the happy celebrations.

EXHIBIT A, look at the flower girl and bridesmaid fighting over flowers as if it were the last bread at the table. If you look closer, you can see the girl isn’t messing around by just looking at her athletic footwear. We don’t know who won the battle, but my money’s on her.

Wedding Chapel 405A

Around the world, among many cultures, weddings are considered to be cherished ceremonies filled with happy celebrations and traditions involved. But, if you are someone who’s looking to get hitched quickly with no extra cost, then it is best to do it in the courthouse, legally. But keep in mind that the wedding chapel will be next to the illicit substance testing, “Room 405A”. How romantic, right?

Groom’s Side Gags

We aren’t sure who to be disappointed in? The groom who is embarrassing Robbi here with his pink boxer brief prank or the parents who are supporting the humiliation. Either way, it’s a hysterical gag! By the look of her face, it seems like she isn’t fully prepared for the family, she married into.

Optical Illusion

At first glance, you may think it’s an adorable wedding picture, but when you look carefully, you can start to feel something off with the picture, and it all boils down to the point where it is an Optical Illusion, where the bride’s legs are gone. It seems like the bride scrunched up her legs under the dress, creating the illusion that she doesn’t have limbs.

Keepin’ it Classy – Bad Boy Edition

It is known that you dress up to the nines, especially on your wedding day or at the wedding party. But it seems like the groomsmen found a medium to keep things classy while maintaining their bad boy vibe. It looks like the groom is happy and proud, but we cannot deny that the groomsmen with their blue ties and boutonniere, sleeveless suit, and dark blue jeans look priceless.

Classic Group Photobomb

It seems like there are a couple of hilarious things happening in this photo. One of the scenarios is when someone’s trying to take a photo from multiple angles, and that’s a classic group picture problem. And the other hilarious part is one of the groomsmen photobombing behind the ladies – classic bro move.

Cool, Calm, and a little Terrified

ADORABLY AWWW  KWAARRRDDD! We love how the groom is honest about how he thought he was playing “cool, calm, and collected” while it backfired at him when his beautiful bride walked down the aisle.

It looks as if he just saw a bridezilla, in reality, walking down the aisle. No doubt, it’s a complete wedding fail, but he owned up to it. He’s even trying to cover up and hold back his fearful feelings of terror.

The Ultimate Roast

This is the most clever and classic way a bride and groom can handle the guests. This is where it might be the ultimate wedding burn. The couple wasn’t afraid to roast the guests who they knew would show up without an RSVP but considered their attendance. “I Didn’t Respond, If-You-Please, (RSVP) but I Came Anyways” is table 20, which is probably the farthest and away from all the fun and food. What a brilliant idea, though.

Dance Like No one’s Watching

We aren’t calling this a wedding fail but just an adorable image captured at the wedding. No matter how meaningful a wedding ceremony might be, it’s a boring place for kids to be at.

It seems like the little kid decided to practice his dance moves until the bride and grooms exchange their “I DOs.” As the people’s attention was on the couple, he had the opportunity to dance like no one was watching.

Decorating the car for newlyweds

Usually, newly married people have “Just Married” on their car with pretty strings and cans on the bumper. But here, it looks like the groomsmen had something else prepared for the bride and groom’s big day of love.

Instead of decorating the car, they decided to pull a prank by wrapping it up with plastic wrap during their wedding. We hope that the couple went along with the gag.

Classic Cat Move

For all the cat parents out there, you know how regal yet contrastingly goofy your furry feline can be, and somehow they have impeccable timing when it comes to doing wrong things at the wrong time.

Just like this adorable little cat who is mooning the camera in front of the couple’s scenic photo shoot. It is hard not to laugh looking at the image of the feline accidentally coming in the way.

Tipping Tiers

We are all aware of the tradition of smashing the wedding cake on the newlyweds, but it seems like this couple makes up for that. Just before they were about to cut the cake, the tiers appeared to break and fall. The photographer catches this priceless moment at the right time, especially the groom’s ‘freak out’ look. This is something they will never forget.

How high are you when they say “Jump”

One of the most cliche and mandatory pictures to take at your wedding is with an entire wedding party. But, here, it looks like this person was jet-set-ready to swoop in with a jump ambitiously and photobomb this wedding picture.

We don’t know if the wedding party said “Jump,” and he was on it asking, “How high?”. Though he may have ruined the typical shot of a party group picture, he cannot deny that this is a fantastic shot.

A Fear for Poppin’ the Bubbly Drink

Movies make it seem so much fun when someone opens a bottle of champagne while you celebrate your day of love, especially when you shake it up and explode it around everywhere. But, here, it looks like the couple is terrified, and there’s a terror on their face, and the shot is priceless.

Best Day of the Couple’s Lives v/s Worst Day of His Life

The couple here is lost in their joy of playing with these beautiful white doves on the best day of their lives. Pure enjoyment! On the other hand, this particular guest in the frame doesn’t seem to like birds and appears to be going through a tragic time of his life. However, it is funny that the captured image has such dramatic expressions.

Screamin’ Love

This image is one of the beautiful ones from the weddings group picture. Keeping the fact aside that the background is gorgeous, i.e., the ocean view along the couple and their friends in the frame. The bridesmaids’ attires and groomsmen’s white summer suits scream love.

But those aren’t the only things in the picture that seem to be screaming. One groomsman decided to go rouge and jumped into the water, screaming with excitement. This is an example of an ultimate photobomb.

A Couple Shoot

A great example of a perfectly timed photo is this one, where the bride and groom are captured having a good time, but it seems like the photographer snapped a little soon. While the bride is cleaning something of her outfit, the groom waits to get clicked. It is Hysterical to see the guy in the background in his shorts while the couple clicks their candid shots.

Backfiring Traditions

There are different kinds of traditions and customs at weddings around the globe, and one of them is a sendoff bride and groom at the party with a ceremony where rice, lavender, paper airplanes are thrown. But here, it looks like the guests got carried away with their excitement and decided to start glitter confetti with each other. Another guy decided to dump the whole thing onto someone else, and that’s when the cameraman got the shot. Whoopsie!

A-Train Wreck

Girls, we have all experienced someone stepping on our dress that was too long for sure. But, it is a total train wreck when someone steps on your white wedding dress tail while simultaneously stepping on that beautiful long lacey vail. We get how much pain the bride is going through at the occurrence. But it is hilarious for the crowd in the background – there are some laughers back there.

It’s a Wedding – SUPRISE!

We all know how many wedding guests pull a prank on the bride and groom, and only a few of them pull it on their wedding guests. It is a hilarious prank one could pull off! Here, the couple invited their close family and friends to a ‘costume party,’ which was actually their wedding.

True Commitment

We have seen a lot of images with photobombs of different kinds; while some can be planned, others are just funny accidents, but this photobomber took extra effort.

He did not just get caught by the bride and groom to plank in the background but managed to climb up and stay up there until their photo session was over. Now, this is what we call a ‘True Commitment.’

Catdid Wedding Photo

We are glad to have found this picture where a lot is going on in the image, i.e., the groom’s man is stating right back at the cameraman, the black cat chillin’ on the bride’s train, the groom’s weird stance next to the bride with a strange look, and lastly the bride’s mid-back scratch.

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