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Texts Conversations of Married Couples That are Hilarious

In any kind of relationship, the most important element is communication, and while there is in-person communication, it is a whole other story when texting is involved. From bowel movements, take away orders to fake infidelities, text conversations among some couples proves how they are way too comfortable with each other and not afraid to have some fun.

Take a glimpse into some hilarious texts on the text side of marriage life:

Adulting can be Hard

It is never a good idea to pick your sides during family disagreements, and however, sometimes you do have to step in to be the voice of reason. This is common for most parents when it comes to arguments between their partners and children; this man has to mediate between them. Here, Chris was hoping his partner would be on his side but was, in turn, faced with a reality check.

Talk Dirty

Many couples find different ways to keep their spark alive in their marriage; it’s important. It seems like this person is finding creatives way too, and it seems like this person had the right idea too, or they thought so. Suzy did comply with her request, not just in the way her partner had in mind. But I guess we’ll never know.

More than you know yourself

Some funniest text conversations that married couples have aren’t with each other necessarily but ABOUT each other.  Many Marital issues are more often about trivial things like whose turn is it to take the trash out or who didn’t clean up the bathroom after use. This person knows their husband probably more than he knows himself.

When you know your partner pretty well

It helps to know your partner’s needs and wants, especially when they don’t say what they mean. In this case, the partner has understood and is playing along with the text they received.

Cutting to the Chase

When you are living with your spouse, it has many benefits, one being you can blame them when things go missing 😉

The person here probably expected a sweet and romantic response to their anniversary message. It’s not like they didn’t receive one, but it preceded more important matters at hand.

Autocorrect’s Victim

This man has taken “Married to your work” way too seriously. He must have thought the autocorrect would make life easier, but it gave his wife the right opportunity to confirm her place in his life. We get the tone the wife feels through her texts in ALL CAPS.

Couples who poop together, stay together

Being in sync with your partner is an important factor for a successful relationship or marriage, whether it is politics, food preferences, or bowel movements. For example, this couple has its priorities lay clearly. The couple has taken closeness to each other to a whole new level, or it could be separation anxiety.

That seems to have escalated quickly

Everyone has different preferences and cravings for good. Some have desserts, while others have cheeseburgers, each to their own. We all have our weaknesses, and this person knows their’s partner’s preferences too.

Absolutely Salad-ious

There’s absolutely nothing better than knowing someone finds you hilarious, especially when that person is married to you. Good banter and frequent exchanges of selfies are a few important ingredients that keep a happy marriage, especially in this case.

Work Smart, not Hard

Trying to figure out what to cook for dinner on a daily basis can be a chore and lucky are those few people who find someone who has the same food preferences. If Couples share the responsibility for food, it is excellent, but this poor guy didn’t see what was coming his way.

The Conversation about a nightmare

It’s a sign of relief to wake up from a bad dream and realize it never happened. Especially if you ‘did’ something bad in it. Here, the husband seemed to be paying the price for forgetting to do something and wondering what the consequences were.

Celebrating Little Things

Finding someone who gets just as excited as you do about the little things is one of life’s true pleasures. If you find this in a spouse—well, that’s even better. Here, life got a whole lot better for this pizza-lover couple who’ll celebrate the opening of a pizza place.

On Point

We’ve all told ourselves that we have a rare disease when we know it’s just tiredness. It helps to have a partner to set your mind at ease, especially if you refuse to consult a medical professional. We just hope this person didn’t have Ebola.

Romance isn’t Dead

Many things change after you get married; you feel a lot more comfortable around your partner and sometimes, too comfortable. Some couples are ok with that, while others draw a line somewhere. This person seemed like she wasn’t too happy to receive such a message from her husband. Some things are better if left to the imagination (or… maybe not).

Give me attention, and tell me I’m Pretty!

The best part of being married is that you no longer have to impress your partner because, after all, they have already committed to you forever. Unlike other couples, this couple has such unique humorous moments.

The Pizza-lover couple

It is important we share a bond with someone with who we can share a sense of urgency, just like this pizza lover couple. A minute seems long when you wait for your food to be delivered. Within that long sixty seconds, this person has updated their spouse about their pizza delivery in a dramatic way. Much excitement!

You Had Just One Job, John

Not all husbands do the same chores as others. Those who don’t clean and cook do the laundry and get their kids ready for school. 

John was given one task from her partner, a simple one. We’ll have to use our imagination and wonder what may have happened to John after he sent that picture to her.

Netflix and ‘Cannot’ Chill

When you’re having a bad day at the office, the best thing you do is text your partner and vent it out instead of taking it out on your co-workers or boss. Well, that’s what one did, but instead of receiving encouraging words from their spouse, they got an honest statement – “There’s no Netflix in person.”, because what would we do without Netflix?

What’s Yours is Mine

After you start sharing a great level of comfort with your partner, you also tend to share your wallet or at least, in this case, use it and later let them know.

Ultimate Relationship Goals

It’s cute that this woman has her partner’s name saved as ‘Boogie,’ such an affectionate pet name. They are Relationship goals; look how they make each other laugh by sending funny photos of the significant other and reminding them how lucky they are to have you.

Emojis > Words

The most suggestive set of emoticons conveying what the sender wants is expressed in the shortest way possible. They went straight to the point by using hand emojis instead of going for the eggplant one. Hat’s off to the creativity, and it’s clear, and we know what’s going on in their mind.

Toilet Talk

Here’s another couple that understands their partner without having a word to say, even about the emergency in the loo. This person just happened to say ‘SOS,’ to which their partner understood the emergency and asked if it was Toilet paper they wanted. Also, we love Stefon’s GIF from Saturday Night Live.

Go on my Instagram

We all miss our partners at some point through the day, and it is really sweet when we text the same. The sender was being cute by telling their partner that they wanted to see them; we weren’t expecting the response of ‘Go on my Instagram.’ It may sound savage, but they made a valid point.

Game of Love

It’s always sweet when you get to know that your partner is thinking about you when you’re not around them, and it’s even better when you get a text. This spouse saw right through their partner’s sweet nothings and the reason why they texted their partner.

Keeping Things Hot

Saucy texts can keep relationships alive and add excitement despite living with each other for a long time. But here, we have to appreciate the sense of humor the person has when asked to tell about something hot; they said ‘curling iron,’ in a sensual way, trying to be funny and sensual at the same time.

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