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The first day of 7th grade called for a picture that ended in screams and terror

We’ve all experienced the beauty of photography and enjoy being able to capture some of life’s most joyous and unforgettable moments. Isn’t that why we have cameras, to save the most important experiences and display them on our walls or put them in photo albums?

However, for one Arizona family, the photograph they snapped of a beautiful occasion turned out to be more than simply a keepsake, but a terrible emergency that could have resulted in tragedy. Let’s have a look at the incredible tale behind this mysterious photograph.

First day of 7th grade

For this happy family in Arizona, it was a special day. A day packed with excitement rather than calamity or danger.

Because it was the first day of seventh grade for a 13-year-old girl called Brooke, you can imagine how excited she was about the day ahead. Her mother, of course, was ecstatic. They had no idea that their joy was soon to change to terror.

Say Cheese

As you can imagine, Brooke’s first day of seventh grade was a big day for her. As a result, it’s not surprising that her mother chose to take a photo of her before she started her new school year to record this precious moment forever.

Brooke stood for the camera with a smile on her face as she was ready for school.

A Family Custom

 Parents enjoy photographing their children on their first day of school she had just started seventh grade! So why did her mother want to capture this event on camera? The reality was that taking a new photograph every time Brooke started a new school year had become a family ritual.

Change of scene 

Brooke and her dad were getting ready for their annual photo, but there was more to celebrate this time than the start of a new school year. Because they had just moved to a new neighborhood, this was also the first time they were shooting a snapshot in their new home.

They had previously lived in a city flat, but now they were in a tranquil suburb with a huge front garden. They had no clue that this would turn the photo into a terrifying nightmare.

Garden backdrop

Brooke and her parents had a lovely luxury apartment in the heart of the city. As you might expect, the photos they took at that location were taken indoors, in their magnificent decor.

Brooke decided to take the photo outside in the garden this year now that they lived in a suburban house with a large front yard.

Little miss congeniality

Brooke was a well-liked and popular part of her class at school, in addition to her loving and happy family.

She was a bright and hardworking student who consistently had outstanding grades and formed friendships with her peers. And so, many students and teachers were quick to notice Brooke’s absence on the first day. Where was she?

An empty space

Brooke was extremely popular at her school in Auburn, Arizona, and her teachers and classmates were looking forward to seeing her on the first day of seventh grade.

 When she didn’t show up, it was visible to everyone that she had left a void in the classroom.

And it was evident that something genuinely dreadful had befallen Brooke when her best friend came sprinting over, panic written all over her face.

Check Brooke’s Instagram

Everyone instantly recognized something was wrong when Brooke’s best friend came running over in shock and terror. Brooke was not only missing on the first day of the school year, which had never happened before, but she was also clearly in a bad situation.

Brooke’s friend yelled to the others to check Instagram right away since Brooke had just posted something that everyone would find shocking. So, what had they seen, and what had it revealed about Brooke’s fate?


Brooke and her mother were still at home, absorbing the shock of the unexpected tragedy. So, what had happened? The fact is, they didn’t notice anything unusual had happened when snapping the photo at the time.

Brooke’s mother, however, noticed a movement in the background behind her after the picture was taken. And it wasn’t until she looked at the picture closely that she recognized what it was.

You can hide

Both Brooke and her mother had finally learned the truth. There was a stunning statuesque tree just behind Brooke’s beautiful photograph.

However, something unexpected and terrible was on the tree’s complex and beautiful bark pattern. There was a snake just next to Brooke in the picture, right behind her! They had no idea the terrifying creature was nearby, but the truth was that they had no clue of the true extent of the danger.

Mother knows best

Even though Brooke’s mother was afraid, she realized she couldn’t afford to panic. After all, her daughter’s safety was at risk, and she needed to remain calm and think quickly to save her.

Brooke might have panicked if she had realized how terrified her mother was and done something stupid, like touching the snake or making a quick movement.

So, with all her strength, she instructed Brooke to walk towards her. Brooke’s mother could only hope and pray that she would listen and get to safety without getting harmed as she tried her hardest to stay calm and get Brooke away from the snake as quickly as possible.

Fortunately, she heeded her mother’s warnings and raced over to her mother, out of harm’s way, without panicking or accidentally touching the snake.

Rattle and roll

Brooke and her mother were still reeling from the shock and terror of coming face to face with such a deadly snake when they discovered the truth was scarier than they had imagined.

Because the snake that had been on the tree, the snake that had been only inches away from Brooke’s face, was a rattlesnake.

Brook and her mother were even more shocked and alarmed when they realized that this wasn’t simply a frightening encounter but a brush with death.

A history with snakes

And there was a lot more to this story than you might think. Because, believe it or not, this isn’t Brooke’s first brush with a slithery serpent.

Brooke, it turns out, has a long relationship with snakes, dating back to her youth.

Brooke had once been bitten by a snake when she was a small child. Although she survived, she was left with a lifelong fear of snakes and anything related to them.

Either I go, or the snake goes.

As you may imagine, Brooke was scared when she realized how close she had been to death. It was awful enough to be standing so close to a snake, but this wasn’t just any snake! It was, of course, a rattlesnake, one of the snake kingdom’s most dangerous members.

She was terrified after discovering the exact scope of the danger she had dodged.

She refused to leave the house until the snake had disappeared from the area.

Animal control to the rescue

It’s difficult to picture the terror Brooke and her mother must have felt as they hid inside the house, knowing that a dangerous and frightening snake lurked outside, capable of killing both of them with a single attack.

Their lives were essentially in the hands of the guys outside—would they ever discover the snake and return them to safety?

Could they all breathe a sigh of relief after a thorough examination of the entire yard outside the house? The answer was yes.

The snake was caught and captured after a lot of hard work by everyone involved.

Kept this memory in a photograph

What an amazing story. We can only imagine how terrifying and dramatic it must have been for Brooke and her mother to be caught up in such a story—coming dangerously close to a snake and not noticing it right away.

Brooke and everyone else could appreciate the amazingness and beauty of this photo now that the fear had passed.

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