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Yearbook Quotes That Will Be Remembered Forever

Senior yearbooks, These treasured tomes are more than just relics from people’s last year of high school; they symbolize a crucial period in their life and signal the conclusion of the most carefree and liberated days of their lives.

But that is not to say they can’t be amusing. Yearbooks may sometimes go above and beyond, transforming a simple photo and quote into masterpieces. Let’s take a look at a few of the most impressive.

Making Your Mother Proud

It’s not simple to get through high school. Even if the intellectual side of things is easy, you still have to traverse a social minefield of cliques, hormones, nasty teachers, and poor love exploits.

So having a little support from your parents is beneficial, unless you’re Sofia Kaplan, who appears to have gotten through it all without assistance!

With a Little Help From His Friends, He Makes It Through

In school, we’ve all experienced competitive peers. You know who we’re talking about: highly athletic, straight A’s, ten extracurricular activities, they’ll do all in their power to ensure they’re at the top. Kevin Chang, meanwhile, appears to give new meaning to the word “overachiever.” He isn’t simply interested in achieving perfection; he is also interested in having a competitive advantage over others.


Amith, those are strong words. Amith appears to have set a high standard for himself moving ahead; if he’s a Bonafede legend by the end of high school, we can only speculate on the heights he’ll reach as an adult. Is it possible that the drum he’s holding in the shot on the right has something to do with his legend? 


Fries Before Guys

We believe it is reasonable to presume that Miranda is the type of person who finds it exceedingly difficult to refrain from doing what she wants.

Take, for example, this workaround she discovered for her father’s limits! If that doesn’t scream “attorney material,” not sure what does.

A sense of humor

A yearbook quote should strive to encapsulate who you are. It should reflect your sense of humor, a unique perspective on life, or accomplishments. As a result, Ankit’s comment is one of the best yearbook quotes ever. It conveys everything we need to know about him as a person while also making us smile.

Famous at last

Have you ever known someone before they became famous and then kicked yourself for not befriending or dating them?

If yes then, you’re probably aware that there is no bigger feeling of FOMO than that. Katia Baez appears to be relying on it. This girl thinks she’s going someplace and isn’t hesitant to let people know what she wants to accomplish ahead of time.

Reality vs. Expectations

We all have expectations going into high school, most of which are based on what we’ve seen on TV and in movies. However, most individuals quickly realize that the social intrigue of on-camera drama is rarely true in real life. Seth Egan, on the other hand, never lost hope. He kept it in his heart till graduation, hoping that someone might break into song at some time. Oh well, maybe in college, Seth.

Hope is fading.

Katia Perez’s future is bleak – but then again, perhaps she’s known for her brilliant computer screen?

We hope she’s wrong in either case, but we have to admit, this is a pretty awesome yearbook phrase to deliver to the Yearbook Club.

With wit like that, we’re confident she’ll be alright.

Time square can’t shine as bright as you.

It’s not easy to have a song written about you.

That kind of behavior can characterize a person’s entire high school experience for some people, but Delilah seems to be laughing about it. It might have been worse; they could have instead been quoting a Tom Jones song!

The Worst Prison in the World

Samantha Siracusa appears to be equating her school days to a 12-year term in Azkaban, the infamous wizard jail from the Harry Potter book series.

On the other hand, she’s nerdy enough to have chosen a Harry Potter quotation for her yearbook photo—and, lest we forget, Harry Potter is a book series about how much fun school is. Is the uncertainty on purpose? It’s difficult to say. 

I’m not a fan of your girlfriend, either.

Every high school needs a villain, and it appears like Steffany has chosen to be the one to fill that role.

Is she pleased with it? The answer is obviously “yes,” based on the smiley she chose—but, would high school be near as fun without her? But seriously, that’s a pretty impressive shade to include in the yearbook, and we’re blown away.

Parenting Apps

For us older folks, high school is defined by fashion and music trends, but for the younger generations, the rise and fall of specific applications are likely to hold a comparable place in their recollections of adolescence.

Club Penguin is one of these personality-forming apps for Allison Lloyd; it took up a lot of her time and heart. She decided to dedicate her yearbook to club penguins.

Coming out of the closet

It’s never simple to discover you’re not straight, and high school usually adds to the stress. You might keep it a secret for years because you’re afraid of what people will say if they find out. Alternatively, you might go all out and announce it to the entire school in a way that everyone will remember, such as in your senior yearbook photo. Max,  You did an excellent job.

Difficult Situations

Being a single mother is difficult at any time. For some people, the challenges begin even before they reach that situation. Zach is having a hard time becoming a single mother in this situation. But, Zach, you know what? Do not give up on your ambitions. If you want to do it.

Twins! That has to something 

Having an identical twin at school has a lot of advantages; you can switch during boring lectures, play all kinds of pranks on your instructors and classmates, and generally have the kind of fun that we singletons can only dream about. This, of course, includes the yearbook. Not only may you play around with your quotes – we’re quite sure the two might have switched their photographs as well.

You can’t tell me I ain’t fly.

What should we do first? What about the photograph? What was the quote? What is the significance of their juxtaposition? What about the cheetah? What about the dollar bills? What about the incredible photoshop skills that went into it all? This entire thing screams class and finesse, and there’s nothing else we can say. Okay, perhaps we do, but we don’t want to offend anyone. Let’s just say we sincerely hope this is a very ironic yearbook quote choice and leave it at that.

My name is Amar.

Are we correct about today’s youth? It’s difficult to tell when they’re joking and when they’re serious, and Amar’s yearbook quote will be no exception. We are firm believers in the “fake it until you make it” philosophy, so our only advice to Amar is to keep doing what you’re doing; we’re confident that one day you’ll meet the one who will truly call you “mi amor.” She’s waiting for you someplace out there.

Who is the Lovely One?

Sibling rivalry may be unpleasant, but it appears that Anastasia and Jessica are on the opposite end of the spectrum.

Is it true that they argue about who is prettier, or is this just an ongoing gag?

In any event, the joke works very well here, and describing it further would only detract from it, so we’ll just leave it to the yearbook to speak for itself.


It’s never easy to raise the roof. Getting down demands dedication, and the determined roof raiser must plan, take responsibility, and ensure that the roof has all it needs to be lifted correctly. It’s encouraging to note that some high school graduates aren’t afraid of taking on responsibility and have pledged to raise their roofs at least once a year in writing. In college, this boy will most likely be fun to be around.


Some people are a danger to be around, and even take joy in it at times. Greg is one of those folks, at least according to his senior yearbook. He appears to have broken a lot of hearts, both the hearts of the girlfriends he’s “taken” and the hearts of the boys he’s “stolen” them from. Of course, there’s always the possibility that Greg is known for being a nice guy and that the comment was made in jest. What’s more, we prefer that concept.

What do humans like?

Alexandra chose a remark from a yearbook that an alien on a covert mission to Earth would have written. The alien might have pondered, “What do humans like?” “They appear to enjoy the water, and their bodies are mostly made up of it! I’ll just write something about it, and no one will suspect I’m from Alpha Centauri!” Of course, her disguise worked, because the extraterrestrial known as Alexandra is still on the loose, as far as we know.

 Difficult to Pronounce

The beauty of America is that its citizens come from a diverse range of cultural origins and learn to coexist peacefully. Some cultures, however, have names that are harder to pronounce than in others, and Oluwadabria Ogunwuyi is one of them.

So, while it was his instructors’ obligation to learn how to pronounce his name correctly, he also went out of his way to assist them during roll call, and we’d have to say this is a very excellent quotation.

Senior yearbooks, These treasured tomes are more than just relics from people’s last year of high school; they symbolize a crucial period in their life and signal the conclusion of the most carefree and liberated days of their lives.

But that is not to say they can’t be amusing. Yearbooks may sometimes go above and beyond, transforming a simple photo and quote into masterpieces. Let’s take a look at a few of the most impressive.

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