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Pictures That You Have Look At Twice To Understand What They Are

Weird and lovely things exist in the world that we can’t quite comprehend. Sometimes, we think we’re looking at something quite normal and natural. Upon closer inspection, we realize it’s something completely different. It’s sometimes magnificent and uplifting, and other times strange and creepy. We’ve created a collection of the most bizarre images you’ll have to look at twice to figure out what’s going on.

Bird Shaped

Wow! You may think that this photographer found a cute little owl and decided to take this photo. Right? But this isn’t a tiny tweety nighttime bird; it’s something else entirely. Is it possible for you to figure it out? We’re willing to bet you didn’t realize this tiny creature was a rare mushroom! Yes, it’s a fungus with its shape.

Deep in the Woods

This one is simply great. We bet you believed it was an overhead picture of a lovely green environment with rolling hills, natural vegetation, and bursting thickets of trees when you first saw it. Take a closer look, though. What exactly is that massive boulder? It’s a pebble. This is just a close-up of a puddle on the ground with some green algae growing in it. So strange.

Is that a Unicorn?

Wow! Imagine traveling through this lovely, otherworldly woodland and encountering this gorgeous, unearthly creature. We can’t imagine how enchanted and awestruck we’d be at this incredibly miraculous location. Is it possible that we’ve wandered onto a miraculous parallel universe? This is no mythical woodland creature, just an incredible natural arrangement of trees and green moss. Wow!

Hippo Cravings

Call it a whim, but we routinely fantasize about having little miniature hippos to bring home and keep as super-cute pets in our bathroom or kitchen sink. And when we first saw this shot, we felt it was the realization of our hopes! But this isn’t a little hippo; instead, it’s a guinea pig with all of its hair shaved off. What is the reason behind its lack of hair? We’re not sure, but it sure is cute.

The Hour of the Witch


We’re not sure about you, but we’d be horrified if we came across this while out for a night stroll. Or, for that matter, a midday stroll! But, before you run screaming and reach for the holy water, take another look—you’ll see what this shot is about because, despite its appearance as a gnarled old witch ready to hex you to oblivion, it’s only a strange knobbly wooden log. Shudder.


Yummy! We can’t wait to get our hands on these delectable-looking fluffy air-filled rising loaves. Is it a ciabatta variant? Maybe a brioche-like bread? Before you take a slice, take a step back because this isn’t bread at all—it’s a soap that’s been heated in the microwave! We’re not sure why somebody would put soap in the microwave, but we now know what happens. Cool.

Heart to Heart

Have you heard the saying, “Be kind to your food, since potatoes have eyes and lettuce has a heart”? It’s a statement with a clever play on words about the oddly titled parts of our favorite vegetables. And while we all know how vegetables are for your heart, what about eating tiny hearts? Don’t worry—this appears to be a beating organ, but it’s simply a little red potato! So strange.

Glory’s Egg

Wow! Doesn’t this appear to be the magical egg of a mythological creature? Perhaps a dragon or some other previously unknown flying sea beast. We’d be astonished to find such a mystical thing in our sight, and we’d be excited—or terrified—to see what might emerge from it. But don’t get too excited—while this appears to be a mystical egg of some sort, it’s just an avocado pit that’s spent too much time in the sun and turned odd.


Wow! Who’d have guessed that when you open up a golf ball’s plastic shell, you’d find an unexpected layer of meat inside? Not us, for one. Finding this meaty feel on the inside is an unexpected tactile surprise. Is it possible that that’s tuna? We don’t have any idea. But whatever it is, we’ll be looking at golf balls in a new light from now on.

Look Twice

This one is incredible! When we first got this shot, we assumed it was just a photograph of a single white cat sitting comfortably against a wall with its shadow reflected on it. But look closely—that shadow at the rear of the photo isn’t a shadow! It’s a second cat, a black one, sitting in the same spot as the white one and perfectly reflecting it. It’s almost as though they planned it.

The Musician’s Loft

Take a look at this lovely apartment! Can’t you picture yourself filling it with elegant stuff and carefully decorating it until it’s your ultimate fantasy home? We’d even put in a grand piano and a guitar so we could sit here with our friends and jam late into the night. But, before you get too comfortable, remember that you’re gazing inside the interior of a guitar, not an apartment! 

Somebody call 911

Wow! A rather frightening sight. At first, it appears to be a large roaring fire inside a house being filmed on camera from the outside. Right? However, this isn’t a fire at all! It’s only a reflection of a stunning sunset outside reflected in the window’s glass. Even if that’s what they’re telling us, we’d still dial 911 just in case.

Sky at Sunset

Have you ever been on a plane that was soaring through the sky just as the sun was setting? It’s quite a sight to behold. With sunshine spilling through the reddy-pink sky, the views are breathtaking. This sunset picture from a plane, on the other hand, is unique in that it makes the dappled clouds look like a bubbling lava lake. We can’t take our eyes away from it since it’s so captivating.

Fun Guy

Imagine discovering something like this in your backyard! Going for a walk in the garden and discovering nothing but a large chocolate doughnut sitting blissfully in the grass is pretty much the stuff from fantasies. However, if we came across something like this, we’d be suspicious. Is it the work of some giant aiming to dupe us into eating his magical product? Perhaps, but in this case, it’s just a gigantic mushroom that happens to be donut-shaped.

Perfect scenery


Isn’t it strange that even though this property appears to be in a state of disarray, the owners have managed to hang this lovely painting? Sure, the wall is crumbling apart, but why not decorate it with some gorgeous art? If you look closer, you’ll see that’s not the case at all! It’s not a painting—an open window with a lovely view beyond. Fantastic.

Cold Wrap


What a shock! A scary scene to come across. Is this a group of imprisoned smurfs, or are these faceless hooded shrouds covering other beings? Are they all right? They appear to be being lined up to have their death rites performed on them, or worse. But, in reality, these aren’t people at all—they’re just plants being wrapped in a thick cloth to keep them warm during the winter.

Helpful Hand

Argh! Can you imagine the dread of stumbling into a full-on HAND creeping out of the ground and towards your fragile ankles while wandering through the woods? We’d scream and scream and leap away in fright, terrified that the ghastly glove would reach out and take us into a mossy grave. But once we discover it’s only a bizarrely shaped mushroom, we’ll probably relax.

Harry Potter’s car

I knew the Jetsons were true and that flying cars would become a reality! And it appears that this jeep is doing a fantastic job at it. However, if you look closely, you’ll notice that it’s merely the shadow that gives the impression that the car is flying. We’re not sure what happened to cause such a strange color, but we’re here to find out.


When we go on vacation, we prefer to go to a beach where we can be completely relaxed and enjoy ourselves. And it appears that something else is being laid here—a whole slew of chicken eggs! However, what appears to be eggs in this photo are simply some oddly shaped coastal stones. We wouldn’t want to sit on them, not because they would crack and spill eggs on us, but because they appear to be uncomfortable.


Yikes! Consider how terrified and concerned you’d be if you were standing at this window, admiring the beautiful scenery outside, and then saw what might be a UFO in the upper right corner. Isn’t that what you’d be calling Men in Black? Or who are we supposed to contact in the event of an alien invasion? Hold on to your phone, because what you’re seeing is the reflection of a light fixture in the room behind you. Okay, everyone, take a deep breath and relax.

Giant Puppy

Oh, the horror! Who is this lovely but enormous dog?! How can something be so adorable and puppy-like while simultaneously appearing to be a very massive beast? Look at how big this fluff pot is in comparison to those two girls. How is this possible? Is it a colossal breed of dog? The dog bounded forward just as the photo was being taken, so it’s an incredible trick of perspective!

Horse eats Horse

Say no to cannibalism! In so many aspects, this one is bizarre and perplexing. This horse not only appears to be eating another, smaller horse, but it also appears to be wearing a microfiber cloth bib to account for any messy horse-cannibalism-eating. Don’t even get us started on the little legs and strange shadows. But, of course, this is only another matter of perspective, with one horse slightly behind the other, open-mouthed.

Car Blanket

Goodness in a White Blanket! We didn’t even bother to look at this picture twice or wonder what it was because it appears to be nothing more than a plain white blanket on top of a car window. But take another look! That isn’t a blanket at all! It is, but not the type of blanket you might expect. It’s made of snow, not wool or fleece! It’s a thick layer of gleaming snow. What an incredible feat.


Take a look at this lovely image. Doesn’t it look like a collection of semi-precious stones? As the crystalline jewels sparkle up at us in the light, they emit a lovely purple glow. When you look closely, you’ll notice that they aren’t stones, but PURPLE POTATOES. That’s true, these are potatoes, with their fluffy insides glistening most delightfully. Potatoes, after all, are the most valuable of all Mother Nature’s creations.


What are your thoughts on neatly cut sandwiches with no crusts in these tight triangular shapes? Is it a delectable snack, or is it so twee that it makes you lose your appetite? To be honest, we’re torn between the two options. But, while we’re thinking, we’ll always have a sandwich. Hold off on biting into this small sarnie until you’ve broken all your teeth—this isn’t a sandwich, but a perfectly sandwich-shaped chunk of stone! Amazing, but not particularly tasty.

Cookies, Cookies, Cookies

Have you ever eaten so many cookies that you get a little too high on chocolates and sugar and start seeing cookies all over the place? That’s how it seems in this photograph. This individual has been baking so many cookies that when they arrange them on this cookie tray, they appear to be one gigantic cookie. The tray is like a cookie, and the cookies resemble chocolate chips. It’s perplexing, and it’s making me hungry.


Oh, my goodness! We’re all giddy when we see this photo. What was the point of including such a raunchy photo on our list, we wondered? For us, it’s a little too risqué. We actually cooled down and took a closer look when the first shame had worn off. What we believed we saw, wasn’t there at all! It’s simply the way the bag’s straps are positioned. 

Dive Right In

We understand exactly what you’re thinking. Yum! Or maybe it’s just for fun! What’s that? Are you perplexed by the potentially disparate reactions to this image? That’s because various individuals see it in different ways. Many people imagine themselves looking down on a crowded swimming pool full of beautiful swimmers and divers enjoying the sun-kissed water. Others are staring at a massive pan of paella. Which personality type are you?

Time Has Passed

We’ve all had the experience of feeling like you’ve been standing at a bus stop for so long that you’re slowly wasting away and decaying with time. You were a young woman when you arrived at the bus stop, and by the time it arrived, you were a white-haired narrator of memories and knowledge. This bus stop has endured the test of time, with the moss growing in its gutter resembling ancient ruins perched atop a grassy hill.

A single dimension

We have no idea what’s going on here. Yes, we can see that this is a building’s front. However, we can see where the side should be, and it’s simply not there. What happened to it? Is it a structure made entirely of glass? Is this a ruse? Is it a structure with small dimensions? Because it is a triangular structure, you cannot see the other walls from this viewpoint. What an intriguing concept.

Woah, look it’s a hovercraft

Isn’t this incredible? We’d love to hop aboard this futuristic DeLorean-style boat. Simply gliding above the water, not hitting it or causing a ripple, while admiring the incredibly smooth, all-natural waves below. But don’t get too excited. This is only a trick of the light, and the boat is sitting directly on the water. After all, it’s not a miracle.


What the hell is going on? Is this a burning asteroid heading straight for us? A ridiculously close-up view of the sun? a massive chunk of extraterrestrial rock pulsing with mystical activity? Isn’t it possible that it may be either of those things? This is the Morro Rock, a volcanic plug off the coast of California, and it’s a completely natural chunk of the earth. When the sun’s rays hit it directly, it glows like this, reflecting back to us in a wonderfully magical way. Amazing!

Levitating is what I’m doing right now.


At first glance, we’re awestruck by this young woman’s ability to stay balanced on two toes. This is just amazing! She must have a strong core! But, sadly, if you look closely, you’ll notice that she’s sitting in a chair, which is just barely visible behind her legs.

The Best Dentist Nose

Oh, my goodness! Would you brush your teeth with this toothpaste dollop shaped like a nose? Isn’t it a little strange? It’s not only shaped perfectly like a nose, but it’s also a fleshy color, giving it the appearance of a face appendage. What is the significance of the color of the toothpaste? What makes you think it’s a nose? 

That looks, Yum 


Yummy! A lovely plate of tiramisu is enjoyed by all. Is there anything better than a boozy, sweet, creamy injection of caffeinated goodness? It’s the perfect pick-me-up after a delicious Italian supper. But what we’re looking at here isn’t a flawless chunk of the delicious stuff—it’s a close-up of a landscape in Algeria, where snow and sand have been blended to form a desert-like desert. Nature is truly magnificent.

The tomato is rotten

Isn’t this one strange? We have an old tomato still clinging to its branch, perfectly intact even though it has long since died. Yeuch! It’s decaying away, but its skin has remained intact, wrapping its rotten insides like a giant, stinky bag. So in this strange situation, it’s an optical illusion—a tomato seeming like a bag of tomato juice—although, on the other hand, it is a bag of tomato juice. 

Caper Kitty

What a sweetie! We adore any cat-themed decorations, and what better photographs to adorn your prized cat carrier with than adorable feline photos? You might be startled to hear that the lovely cat faces on the outside of this bag aren’t stitched onto the edge—they’re the actual cats’ faces peering through the meshy seal! What an odd optical illusion.

Keep this love in a photograph

We were a little flabbergasted by this one. Sure, it appears to be a joyful pair on their wedding day, with the bride leaping into the arms of the groom in joy. But then you wonder why we can see her legs so clearly while simultaneously seeing the beautiful train. We’re sorry to say that, but she appears to be excreting the train while throwing her legs over her groom. But, upon closer inspection, we can tell that what appear to be her legs are his arms! 

Hat with sunglasses

Interesting image where we had to look at it closely to figure out what was going on. To be honest, we still haven’t figured out what we’re looking at. Sure, it may just be the top of a woman’s head, with her sunglasses perched atop her tresses. But it could simply just be a little, curiously peppy dog out for a leisurely lunch break in a café. Isn’t it most likely the woman? Who knows for sure, though.


What the hell is going on in this place?! What’s going on with this person’s legs? We’re terrified of finding out. But, upon closer inspection, it’s just bubbles! Yes, this individual had a nice hot bath, and when they got out, they saw that the bubbles had created some kind of amazing fur when mixed with their completely normal leg hair.

Half a Doggie

Oh, my goodness! We all have days when we wish we had two dogs because we adore them so much. However, we must keep in mind that dogs are not worms, and we cannot simply cut our puppy friends in half to have more dog pleasure. But that’s exactly what this dog appears to have done—sliced himself in half, and he’s rather astonished about it. Of course, what he’s doing is posing next to a log with a similar color scheme.

A New Perspective

So, what exactly is going on here? At first glance, this man appears to be standing against the wall of a weird and gravity-defying space, with kitchen things strewn around crazily against the wall with no restraint. However, if you look closely, you can see that this is a birds-ey perspective of the upper floor of an apartment. Look at the stairwell in the top right corner of the image to figure out where you are. How perplexing!

The second look is what matters

At first glance, this image does not appear to be particularly bizarre or unusual. Sure, two of the chair’s wooden slats are damaged, but what makes it so remarkable? You might be wondering why we included a photo of a broken chair on our list. However, take a closer look. That isn’t two shattered wooden slats. They’re absolutely fine, they’re just being disguised by a sinister-looking cat.

Long hands

At first sight, it appears like we’re dealing with a perfectly charming bunch of friends who are shooting a great shot to commemorate the occasion. But wait, the girl on the left’s hand is ridiculously lengthy! What the hell is going on?! Don’t worry, this is only a trick of the light, and her hand is really just split in half by one of her pals’ hands.


At first glance, we’re not sure what’s going on here, but our best bet is that these two ladies have discovered the ugliest animal, the Australian blobfish kakapo, and are including it in their picnic.

However, a deeper examination reveals that there is nothing suspicious about this photograph. What seems like a fish is actually a hat!

Hold back the river

Oh, no! This is a depressing set of taps. No, we don’t mean they appear to be broken or faulty—we mean they resemble a real-life human face, although a sad one. Who designed this faucet to resemble a face? Why couldn’t they make it a joyful face at the very least? We can’t imagine how depressing it must be when the taps are switched on and water pours out of that sad face.

Legs for days

Let’s face it, we all enjoy staring at the muscly men and ladies who ride by us on their motorcycles every now and then.

And we’re still intrigued, if not a bit perplexed, by this motorcycle couple’s display of superhuman designing at the girl’s abnormally long legs! Until, of course, you realize that it’s just the two of their legs united. What a strange situation.

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