America’s sweetheart, Heather Locklear’s Journey

Heather Locklear rose to fame as one of America’s sweethearts thanks to her roles in hit dramas like “Dynasty” and “Melrose Place.” Locklear’s record spans decades, proving that she’s here to stay. But, behind the brilliance, beauty, and celebrity, the actress has endured some very terrible personal struggles. Let’s take a look at Heather Locklear’s life highlights, struggles, and victories.

Where Started It All

Heather Deen Locklear (now known simply as Heather Locklear) was born in Los Angeles, California on September 25, 1961. Bill Locklear served as a Colonel in the United States Marine Corps before becoming an administrator at the University of California, Los Angeles. Diane, her mother worked as a production executive, and Locklear was exposed to the world of Hollywood at a young age as a result of her mother’s employment.

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