Identical Triplets Take A DNA Test And The Result Reveals Something Surprising

Nicole, Erica, and Jaclyn Dahm are triplets who are identical in every way.

The Dahm Triplets are exceptionally special, not just because of their beautiful eyes and golden hair. The Dahm Triplets are distinguished not by their famous status and sororal connection. The triplets have made an incredible genetic finding that confounded doctors and genetic experts alike one day on widely broadcasted television. The triplets grew up in a small town in Minnesota but have since made a name for themselves as a celebrity trio.

So, who are the Dahm Triplets, and why have their genetics perplexed experts?

Nicole, Erica, and Jacklyn’s parents anticipated that learning to tell them apart would take time when they were born. In the meantime, their parents had to tattoo small dots on their bottoms to distinguish the three of them. It was required because they not only looked alike but were also inseparable. Nicole got one drop while erica got two, and the youngest didn’t get any at all.

Famous In A Small Town

The Dahm triplets grew up in Jordan, Minnesota, a small town located west of Minneapolis and St. Paul. With fewer than 6,000 people, the triplets drew a lot of attention as they grew up, which only grew as they began to attend the local public high school.

Their striking looks drew a lot of attention, and they got used to it by the time they got to college.

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