Bizarre Hybrids Formation From Animals Genes

Animal hybridization is not always accidental. Breeders and the like will sometimes force two parent species to mate. However, regardless of how these hybrids are created, many of them appear quite strange. Here is a list of some of the strangest, most bizarre, and simply perplexing hybrids we’ve discovered.


The zonkey is a cross between a zebra and a donkey. Because they are different breeds of equine, breeding them together is not a tough task. The only issue, as we’ve seen across the board, is that the two will not breed in the wild. The zonkey can emerge from one forced into such breeding for the purposes of researchers or zookeepers. Surprisingly, the zonkey retains some of the coat characteristics of both the donkey and the zebra. This includes the zebra’s characteristic black and white stripes. However, like with other hybrids, the zonkey is not always a viable offspring. In other words, it cannot bear children. Sorry, but your gene line has come to an end.


The tigon is the polar opposite of a liger: instead of a male lion and a female tiger, it is the product of a female lion and a male tiger. In contrast to ligers (which we’ll discuss shortly), these intriguing hybrids do not grow as large. They also retain some of the characteristics of each of these creatures. Some have a small mane, while others don’t have one at all. In any case, the offspring of these amazing monsters can sometimes have their own children. While the ability is not universal among hybrids, it is sometimes attainable, as demonstrated below. It’s possible that the hybrid offspring will thrive as a separate species in the future. However, this is improbable because the species is not as well-adapted as its two parent species.

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