Candid Photobombs That Are hilarious!

Many couples engage a wedding photographer to record everything from the bride’s gown to their first kiss as a married couple, and these images are eventually compiled into an album. So image the newlyweds’ astonishment as they browse through the photos and learn not everything was as it appeared on their wedding day. But, if they have a sense of humor, they’ll giggle at the outrageous photobombs their shooters recorded, just as you are about to.

His first (and last) wedding as a wedding officiant

The man standing behind the newlyweds was ordained lately, and this was his first wedding. Unfortunately, he chose the incorrect time to adjust his glasses. Perhaps he also chose the wrong finger. He’ll live with the consequences for the rest of his life. We’re quite sure it’s polite not to use your middle finger to adjust your spectacles in public, especially when cameras are present. While our first impulse is to believe this was a mistake, if you look closely, he has a wicked smirk hidding behind her finger.

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