Candid Photobombs That Are hilarious!

Just When They Thought It Was the Picture Perfect Spot

Consider this: you’ve chosen the right site for your wedding photos: a beach with rocks, a gloomy yet beautiful sky behind the pair, and just when you believe you’ve captured the perfect shot, a nude man begins crawling out of the water. It’s no longer picture-perfect! But, in our opinion, things couldn’t have gone any better (or funnier). For capturing this gem, the photographer deserves a standing ovation. Here’s some bare proof for those who don’t believe in mermaids and mermen. When he stepped out of the water, he obviously transformed his fins into human legs.

The Universe’s Message

They say love is blind, and in this case, it’s certainly true: this couple doesn’t appear to notice the obvious “Stop” sign directly in front of them. This is a sign from the cosmos, if there ever was one. They weren’t the only ones who ignored it: everyone in the room, including the photographer, seemed to disregard it. The bride and groom should have taken this as a caution at the very least. Perhaps they aren’t meant to be together, and they should have paid attention to the signs the universe was sending them. Perhaps one of their pals did it to make the bride and groom laugh on their wedding day.

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