Celebrities You Didn’t Know Were BFFs

Today we’re talking about Unlikely Duos: Stars You Didn’t Know Were BFFs! So call up your bestie and tell them they’re the Snoop to your Martha. A true buddy is difficult to find, therefore discovering an odd bond is even more special. So, what is it that draws two seemingly unrelated people together? Some people believe that opposites attract. According to relationship experts, having a polar opposite friend is beneficial since they teach us how to speak more effectively and see things from other angles! So I think that makes me an odd buddy, a friend with advantages…but not those types of advantages. Even celebrity friendships can flourish between two unusual individuals. In a world of flash and glam, false “teeth,” and fake tans, celebrities simply want a true friend to have a bottle of chardonnay with. It’s especially great if that friend has some experience with celebrity. So “the” next time you see an unexpected cameo on your favorite celeb’s Instagram, remember that even celebrities have unusual friendships. Maybe you’ll think of your best friend! In honor of friends of all kinds, we’ve compiled a list of the most unusual celebrity friendships, as well as the narrative behind these quirky duos. This is Unlikely Duos: Stars You Never Knew Were Friends.

Gwyneth Paltrow and Beyoncé

Gwyn and Bey have known one other for over a decade! They met at a charity event in 2006, where they merely “vibed,” along with their husbands. The two have walked several red carpets together, and it’s even been said that Beyonce let Gwyn listen to a copy of Formation before the long-awaited album’s release. You can tell Gwyn enjoys being friends with the diva because she brags about it every chance she gets!

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