Eerie Photos Taken Before TRAGIC EVENTS That Will Give You Nightmares

Every day, disasters and horrible events occur. They are a part of life and are frequently unavoidable. However, it is uncommon for these events to be captured on film, and it is even more unusual to capture the exact moment before they occur. In the majority of the photographs you’re going to see, everything appears to be in order, with barely a sign of anything out of the norm. But something unexpected happened after these photographs were taken.

The Ash of St. Helen’s Eruption

Mount St. Helen is a volcanic mountain that is located in Skamania County, Washington. When photographer Robert Landsberg went to capture this majestic mountain in the 1980s, something unexpected happened. The mountain exploded, causing severe destruction throughout the countryside, killing 57 people and destroying 210 square miles of wilderness. Robert Landsberg, a photojournalist, was among the 57 persons murdered in the horrific blast. This was the final photograph he ever shot of the ash wall that erupted from the mountain. Unfortunately, he died, and his corpse safeguarded the film.

These Crew Members’ Last Smiles

Many small children around the world aspire to be astronauts, but only a handful are capable of achieving their ambition. The seven crew members of the space shuttle Challenger were ecstatic about their trip into orbit. You can see by the expressions on their faces that this was one of the most exciting times of their life. Unfortunately, the jubilation did not last long as the space shuttle broke apart 73 seconds into the trip, killing all seven crew members instantly.

Ebola Infected Even the Nurse

During the 1976 Ebola outbreak, nurse Mayinga N’Seka was motivated to treat patients to the best of her skills and save as many lives as possible. Because Ebola is very contagious and dangerous, it was only a matter of time until she acquired the disease herself. As seen in this photo, she eventually contracted Ebola and died as a result of it. She dedicated her life to helping and curing others, but sadly, one of the diseases overpowered her and stole her from this world far too soon.

Like a Horror Action Movie Scene

It’s difficult to believe that this shot is real. It appears to be something out of a horror film or a crazy action flick. It appears to be too vivid and stunning to be true. Unfortunately, this is a true photo taken by a dash camera at the precise moment Transasia Flight 235 crashed into Taiwan’s Keelung River. Only 15 of the 28 persons on board survived the horrific collision. The car on the road appears to have been impacted by the plane crash. It appears to be poised to topple!

A Touristic Photo Right Before an Explosion

This father and son appear to be having a good time in this tourist photo of themselves in Northern Ireland. They are happily posing in front of a car on a busy roadway. They had no idea that the car they chose to take a picture with was actually carrying a bomb. Only a few minutes later, the Omagh bombing occurred, killing 29 people and injuring over 220 more. The father and child survived the awful catastrophe, but the photographer did not, and he was one of the 29 people slain on that fateful day.

An Amateur Photographer Captured a Suicide

When he was 14 years old, a young guy named Keith Sapsford chose to hide in the wheel of a plane flying from Sydney, Australia to Japan. He chose to terminate his life by jumping to his death once the jet lifted off into the sky. A young photographer in Sydney happened to be practicing with his new camera at the exact same time, hoping to catch a nice image of an airplane. He must have been devastated to learn that one of his first photographs was of someone jumping out of a plane to end their life.

This teacher did everything he could to save the students

School cameras are deployed to observe a variety of things, but no one expected or expected them to record the final moments of some students and staff after two young people went on a shooting spree inside Columbine High School. When he discovered there were two brutal murderers on the loose, teacher William “Dave” Sanders did his utmost to escort over 100 pupils to safety and out of the cafeteria. Unfortunately, Dave Sanders did not survive, and the shooters killed him with two rounds to the chest. He tried everything he could to save as many people as possible.

It Was Supposed to Be a Nice Flight to Uruguay

Back in 1972, when this shot was taken, the 45 passengers on their voyage to Uruguay certainly didn’t think much of their plane. Unfortunately, their jet crashed into the Andes, killing 18 people. The surviving had a very identical destiny. Stranded and with no hope of rescue, they were compelled to eat the corpses in order to survive. It took 72 days for rescuers to arrive and save the last survivors of this awful incident.

Their Last Photo Together

In 2014, this mother and daughter traveled aboard Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 to their dream vacation, and they couldn’t have been happier (as can be seen by the picture). They were presumably ecstatic to be on their way to their anticipated destination. But they couldn’t have predicted what would happen in such a short period of time. The plane was shot down over Ukraine by Russian forces, killing everyone on board. There were 283 passengers and 15 crew members on board. They were all slain in this attack, and not a single one of them survived.

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