Eerie Photos Taken Before TRAGIC EVENTS That Will Give You Nightmares

Every day, disasters and horrible events occur. They are a part of life and are frequently unavoidable. However, it is uncommon for these events to be captured on film, and it is even more unusual to capture the exact moment before they occur. In the majority of the photographs you’re going to see, everything appears to be in order, with barely a sign of anything out of the norm. But something unexpected happened after these photographs were taken.

The Ash of St. Helen’s Eruption

Mount St. Helen is a volcanic mountain that is located in Skamania County, Washington. When photographer Robert Landsberg went to capture this majestic mountain in the 1980s, something unexpected happened. The mountain exploded, causing severe destruction throughout the countryside, killing 57 people and destroying 210 square miles of wilderness. Robert Landsberg, a photojournalist, was among the 57 persons murdered in the horrific blast. This was the final photograph he ever shot of the ash wall that erupted from the mountain. Unfortunately, he died, and his corpse safeguarded the film.

These Crew Members’ Last Smiles

Many small children around the world aspire to be astronauts, but only a handful are capable of achieving their ambition. The seven crew members of the space shuttle Challenger were ecstatic about their trip into orbit. You can see by the expressions on their faces that this was one of the most exciting times of their life. Unfortunately, the jubilation did not last long as the space shuttle broke apart 73 seconds into the trip, killing all seven crew members instantly.

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