Eerie Photos Taken Before TRAGIC EVENTS That Will Give You Nightmares

Ebola Infected Even the Nurse

During the 1976 Ebola outbreak, nurse Mayinga N’Seka was motivated to treat patients to the best of her skills and save as many lives as possible. Because Ebola is very contagious and dangerous, it was only a matter of time until she acquired the disease herself. As seen in this photo, she eventually contracted Ebola and died as a result of it. She dedicated her life to helping and curing others, but sadly, one of the diseases overpowered her and stole her from this world far too soon.

Like a Horror Action Movie Scene

It’s difficult to believe that this shot is real. It appears to be something out of a horror film or a crazy action flick. It appears to be too vivid and stunning to be true. Unfortunately, this is a true photo taken by a dash camera at the precise moment Transasia Flight 235 crashed into Taiwan’s Keelung River. Only 15 of the 28 persons on board survived the horrific collision. The car on the road appears to have been impacted by the plane crash. It appears to be poised to topple!

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