Euphoria is back with a bang!

The second season of Euphoria has suddenly made the world look forward to Mondays for a new episode. Can we say it’s already made history there? Well, jokes apart, the show is brilliantly structured and written. As famous as Zendaya is, you can’t help but see Rue in her. Even though Rue is an addict, sometimes, her life feels the most ordinary compared to the rest of her classmates. The idea that everything that happens to you during adolescence,  regardless of how insignificant, might bear the same dramatic weight is one of the things that Euphoria best depicts. The clothes, the makeup, the music, the actors, they’ve nailed every bit. Wasn’t Fezco’s drug dealer grandmother a highlight? A hands-down favorite. From sexuality, emotions, and addiction, the show addresses almost all of the problems faced by society most realistically. However, this show may be about teenagers, but it has made a noise about the show being overly explicit. It’s the lack of sugar-coating that makes the series incredible. Every character has a past catching up with them and making it impossible to look to the future. Euphoria thrives at capturing those fleeting moments of subdued, unexpected chemistry between two individuals, the ones that strike you out of nowhere as a teenager and fade away as you get older. It seems the world is rooting for Lexi Howard and Fezco and waiting to see more of that in the new episodes. The series has somehow managed to tell a unique story in such a creative way.

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