People Like These DEFINE Evil Stepparent

A child should not beg for her safety in this manner

We don’t want to be the ones advising parents how to raise their children, but there comes a moment when you feel compelled to intervene. For example, we don’t understand this stepparent’s priorities. What makes it more important that their child arrives home by a certain time than that they feel safe and secure on their trip home? There’s no excuse to make your child travel in a dangerous neighborhood at night for no reason. But that’s exactly what this stepfather did. He forced his 15-year-old stepchild walk all the way home since their bike had a flat tire. Who knows what was going through his mind.

Nothing says “controlling” more than cameras in the home

Ok, wow. This is a commanding environment. This is like some mind control activity from 1984. Do you remember George Orwell’s dystopian novel 1984, about a monitoring society? So, basically, this stepfather is attempting to reproduce the entire atmosphere of that apocalyptic scenario in his own home. In our perspective, this is a bad concept, but to each his own. Or perhaps not. Given this amount of control, we are very certain that this father’s own compulsive attempts will backfire on him sooner or later.

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