People Like These DEFINE Evil Stepparent

She Created a User Manual for Her Stepdaughter

What this stepmom needs to understand, and we on the internet may have to be the ones to teach her, is that her stepchildren aren’t just objects she can lay aside and ignore while she focuses on other things. That’s the thing about becoming a stepparent: you are, in some sense, a parent. There is nothing you can do about it. In case you can’t understand the handwriting, this stepmom basically urged her stepdaughter to lock herself in her room and stop going around her own house. We think it’s a bit harsh. However, the stepmother appears to believe it is acceptable because she is pregnant and wishes to unwind.

This screams difficulty

This is bizarre. The fact that her husband hangs out with his literal daughter has triggered this stepmom. If we do say so ourselves, this is strange. For example, why wouldn’t you want your husband to have a good relationship with his daughter? How could you possible find anything wrong with that? It’s even stranger that she is envious of it. If we’ve ever heard of a Freudian thing, this is it. This stepmom has to cool out, take a long, hard look at herself, and figure out why she gets so envious about stuff like this.

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