Perfectly Timed Cheerleader Moments Captured

Cheerleaders were originally employed to energize sports teams, but they are now applauded by fans at national and international events. If you’ve seen the Netflix show Cheer, you’re probably aware that today’s cheerleaders are liked, lauded, and, let’s be honest, sought. They are not always faultless, however. The cheerleaders in the photos below weren’t quite camera-ready, but they were surely ready to become memes. Get ready for some serious joy!

Falling Apart

Remember when Bart is humiliated in public and says, “This is the worst day of my life,” and Homer tries to console him but ends up making matters worse by responding, “The worst day of your life so far”? That quotation has been with us for quite some time. It may feel like things are getting worse and worse until you can no longer do anything about it. This is how life appears when it ceases to break apart gradually and begins to fall apart quickly. We know it’s coming; all that remains is to wait.

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