Popular Celebrities Who Love Their Partners

Skepta and Adele

Adele has recently been in the spotlight due to her newfound confidence and motivation, as well as a spark in her love life. Since her divorce in 2019, the singer appears to have moved on from the past and has begun dating British rapper Skepta. When it comes to their romance, the couple is, nevertheless, fairly low-key. Adele has a son named Angelo, and Skepta just delivered a daughter named River in 2019. While the two are undoubtedly terrific parents, insiders indicate that they also spend valuable time together.

Lindsay Schweitzer and Eric Stonestreet

While Cameron’s character in Modern Family has a very bleak love life, the same cannot be said about the man who plays him – Eric Stonestreet. Stonestreet, a superb actor who achieved fame and acclaim solely by hard effort, had a wonderful woman in the form of Lindsay Schweitzer who continuously cheered him on and was his source of emotional support and inspiration. He met the pediatric nurse at a charity event, and the two fell in love and are now in a very happy relationship.

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