Skincare: An Oasis for the Mind

To say that the lockdown hit us hard would be a terrible understatement. Having found ourselves in an almost alien situation confined to the indoors, getting through the day was a real struggle. But as mammals, we learn to adapt, finding numerous ways to keep ourselves entertained and mentally fit during those endless weeks. TikTok, Dalgona, and Bored in the house were all part of our new normal. Another such activity that became wildly popular during the lockdown was skincare. Having found this newfound free time without the constant pressure of college essays or the hustle and bustle of our nine-to-five, we embraced skincare as a self-love activity. With times being so uncertain, we cherished and came to understand the true meaning of life and how we often lose ourselves in the chase for success. Skincare by Hyram was our holy bible, Niacinamide became a daily essential, and the thought of going about your day without slapping on some SPF became a cardinal sin. We introduced ourselves to the concept of skincare routines and discovered the intent behind a double cleanse. There were also moments where we looked back in time and went the traditional Haldi and Rosewater route reminiscing those summer holidays spent with your grandma. Indulging in skincare is a therapeutic activity that enables you to reflect on the day’s happenings and engage in mindfulness. It is suitable for your skin and does wonders for your mental health, becoming increasingly important during the endless months of isolation. Skincare proved to be an oasis in times that threatened to damage our mental wellness by showing us the path of self-care.

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