The Hallyu Effect

K-Dramas, K-pop, and Ramen! The Korean entertainment industry has dramatically influenced our country’s pop culture in recent years. K-culture is everywhere, whether it is the heart-wrenching scenes from Crash Landing on You or listening to BTS’s Dynamite on repeat! Various parallels can be drawn between Korean and Indian entertainment that make them similar yet vastly different in numerous ways. The drama and emotions portrayed in Kdramas can be described as a unique spin on similar tropes and plots in Indian cinema. Korean values, culture, and not to mention the irresistibly charming men *wink* have been the core reasons for the Hallyu.

Hallyu, which translates to “Korean Wave”, describes the phenomenal influence of Korean culture across the globe. The Korean Wave brings about cultural awareness in the generations to come as they sensitize themselves to a whole other culture through popular entertainment. Hallyu has greatly influenced Gen-Z fashion and beauty, with young influencers flaunting around oversized tees and glass skin makeup looks. There has also been an increased interest in Korean skincare and cuisine. From a country of people who grew up eating masala Maggi, we now have an endless flow of reels on how to spruce up your bowl of Shin Ramyun. Tteokbokki, Gochujang, and Boba are all words that no longer sound alien to us. The Hallyu has brought about an integration of culture and nations most organically and seamlessly wherein we have come to embrace yet another race within the infinite universe in which we exist.

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