The World’s First Pregnant Man’s Journey

Most scientists would agree that a man could never become pregnant biologically since he lacks the necessary anatomy. What happens when a woman undergoes reassignment surgery, takes testosterone hormone treatment, and legally becomes a man? Back in 2007, Thomas Beatie responded to this question by making a decision that would impact history. Join us as we look back at the last decade of Thomas Beatie’s life, revealing the hardships he has experienced since taking the world by storm and becoming the first pregnant man. Read on to know what happened:

It all started in 2007

Over a decade has passed since Thomas Beatie stunned the world and became known as “The Pregnant Man.” After going through so much, the transgender advocate is ready to reflect on the most difficult ten years of his life. Over a decade has gone by since headlines like “Pregnant Man Gives Birth” dominated most news channels. The media portrayed it as a biological revolution. Thomas Beatie, on the other hand, merely wanted to be himself…

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