Travel Photo Fails That Went Horribly Wrong

Don’t you find it amusing when you come upon a holiday snapshot you haven’t seen in a long time? We’ve all had those moments when we’re trying to capture a picture, and something goes horribly wrong. It’s not that you weren’t taking the necessary preparations to capture the perfect shot; you simply happened to be in the right position at the right moment. Okay, so we pulled up some of the most amusing vacation images we could find on the internet just to make you laugh. Are you looking forward to seeing the photos? Continue reading to find out:

Wave Tackle

We’ve all gotten excited in a wave pool just to get humorously whacked in the face by a wave. At some point, we would even try to stand erect and avoid being swarmed by a wave, but this family shamefully failed that game. This family is washed out by a massive wave while attempting to capture a lovely innocent shot. Like when you’re learning to surf and don’t know how to stand on the board, they got Wiped out before they could even take a great photo. Too amusing! We feel your pain!

Scary Croc

This lady seemed far too scared to confront this small bay alligator. We can’t really blame her. The amusing aspect of this photograph is that the alligator is plainly banded around the mouth and even tied up, indicating that it is absolutely harmless. So we have no idea why this lady is freaking out because she is absolutely safe. Aside from that, the alligator appears to be more afraid of her than she is of him. We’re all wondering how she’ll react to this photo when she sees it in a few years. Definitely a photograph to remember.

The Highway’s Side

Aww, these two appear to be having a good time, but standing on the side of the highway like that is a little daring. It’s amusing, but these grandparents had the greatest of intentions. They obviously wanted to remember their journey to Indianapolis, so they took a picture on the side of the road. It’s a clever idea, but we can’t think of any better occasions to execute it. They were probably not thinking about their safety anymore, as brave as they are, simply to acquire a cute image.

Photobombing in the Pool

Have you ever taken a photograph and then noticed that a random stranger is in it, either on purpose or by accident? However, we believe it is natural for people to photobomb. This wonderful couple were attempting to snap a pleasant vacation photo by the pool, but they just managed to be in the right position at the right moment when this jerk wrecked everything by perfectly timing a photobomb. But you have to admit, it’s a really great photobomb.

Garbage Photography

What exactly is going on in this photograph? Okay, we’d like to think this guy is photographing something in the garbage pile, but he’s actually photographing the garbage. He most likely found something interesting in the rubbish, but we have no idea what he was up to. Maybe he does this on every visit to ensure he photographs the scenery, but let’s give him the benefit of the doubt even if this looks too hilarious! We’re quite sure he was trying to prove anything or just being silly.

Photobomber Stingray

Woah! These ladies do not appear to be in a good mood. They had no idea this terrifying stingray would appear from behind their backs like this, and it completely caught them off guard. Stingrays are large, and if one sneaks up on you like this one did with these ladies, you might be caught off guard as well. They merely wanted to take a great shot when this guy came in and took a photo with them. It’s okay, guys; he may be large, but he’s completely harmless. He’s simply dropping by to say hello and meet you! This photo, on the other hand, is amusing; we can envision your heart attacks.

Love and Death

Please assist this poor man; we believe he is drowning. These two hoped to share a passionate kiss and possibly enjoy their trip, but their horse wrangler is struggling to keep his head above water. He appeared to be suffering more than the horses from this shot, as his head is almost exactly above the water. It’s hilarious because if they look back on this photo in a few years and see how they looked, they’ll probably grimace at the fact that they appear like this in the shot. Who can blame them? It’s both embarrassing and oddly amusing to look at.

Watch Your Head

When you become overly curious, you may cause an accident. This guy was definitely too interested and wanted to explore every inch of this statue. Perhaps he was trying to steal a glimpse to check if the sculptor had actually made the parts of this monster genuine. What’s funnier is that he got his head stuck in the buttocks of the bull statue. Someone helps this poor man out, he was only wondering, and someone contacts the cops, paramedics, or anyone!

Brown on Brown on Dirt

What is going on here? This duo may have an unhealthy obsession with the color brown. They clearly prepared this photo in advance to achieve these strong hues, as evidenced by the inclusion of a pile of dirt behind them. It’s certainly unique, but we can’t think of anywhere else they might have gone for a vacation that includes a site like this and with this kind of soil. Their purpose was most likely to blend in with the soil, and they succeeded! Baby, brown on brown dirt! Take notes on everything they say!

Scary Donkey

Don’t be afraid, this donkey only wants to make friends. Although we all want to believe that this donkey will be friendly with this child, he is not the lovable donkey from the Shrek movie. He was probably simply wondering about what the youngster was doing inside the car, whether he was eating food or not, but from the looks of it, he was just stopping by to say hello. Instead, he scared this poor kid, and it appears that this donkey is a super-criminal with gold-plated fangs. It’s no surprise that little kid was terrified; this donkey is insane!

Baby Meet Dolphin

This baby does not appear to be content. Don’t be afraid, love; this dolphin only wants to thank you for visiting the zoo. It’s strange because she’s terrified and yet she’s standing outside the dolphin tank; what type of parents would want this for their child? Who came up with this brilliant idea? It’s fine; it makes for a terrific first memory. When she grows up and looks back on this shot, she’ll either laugh or cry, which makes it a great memory to have, but perhaps not for the tiny girl, who was too afraid to even look at the dolphin.

Just a Bit to the Left

Okay, we’ve all tried to take the ideal shot with the Leaning Tower of Pisa, but many of us either get it right or shamelessly fail. In fact, you may be as creative as you want with your shots because if you get the angles exactly perfect, it makes a really amazing photo. These two had the same intention, but they didn’t get the photo exactly right. They look ridiculous attempting to obtain the proper perspective, but they might have gotten it if they had taken the photo somewhere else.

Standing on a Limb

This is hilarious. We’re curious how long it took this family to all climb up on this tree limb and sit close together simply to shoot a family portrait like this. Don’t you think it’s amusing? They could have done things differently, but this is what they came up with. They are an odd family, but we’re not sure what they were thinking when they took this photo. When you’re on vacation, you want to make the most of it, but one family definitely took it to a whole new level of crazy!

Tummy Tuck

Have you ever heard of a belly tuck? This guy evidently didn’t mind his tummy being exposed in such a way. Some folks don’t care whether they’re already kneeling down with their shirts open, butt cracks slipping, and other amusing stances only to get a good shot. He was presumably going for a good photo, but when it wasn’t good enough, he had to take it another way, and didn’t notice that his stomach was showing. Guys, huge props to him for still being able to take a good photo of himself with that tummy.

Sombrero Fun

Okay, we all know how it feels to be forced to wear something we don’t like, especially when it’s your parents’ fault. Mothers are notorious for forcing their children to wear ridiculous clothing, but this is simply their attempt to make their children seem good. These kids clearly dislike the thought of wearing these enormous hats. It’s amusing, and they appear to be quite unhappy. It’s made much amusing by the fact that it’s an uncomfortable family portrait. Take a look at that girl’s face. She doesn’t appear to be proud of her hat, and it appears that she has taken it off little.

Daddy Dropped Her

Oh, my God! When your family attempts a leaping photo, it sometimes turns out wonderful and other times it fails badly. But, when you attempt it all together, remember to keep your grip on the infant at all times. Or you’ll end up with something like this. It’s hilarious, but we all feel bad for the little girl who was presumably pushed into the sand. This father most likely ignored the advise. It’s funny how this kid managed to have a smile on her face after being dropped by daddy. She is unquestionably a warrior!

Mishap with an Elephant

This happens a lot when you chance to be riding a seemingly enormous animal in heat. We all know that elephants are well cared for in Thailand, but this shot is simply unacceptable. Elephants are enormous, and if they stand up like this, you can be astounded like these folks. Of course, a male can’t help himself when he sees a female in heat; they are animals, after all. We all want to think this is hilarious, but what about the folks who are actually in the photo? We’re beginning to wonder how they feel about this one; perhaps annoyed and happy?

Vacation Hospital Time

No vacation is complete unless you visit the emergency department. It’s very likely that you’ll end up in the hospital at some point during your vacation because you fell on your buttocks, got your fingers snipped, bumped your head somewhere, or tumbled down a steep slope. Let’s not jinx anything, but this family seemed overjoyed to be in the emergency room. It’s hilarious that this father took a snapshot of the historic hospital, which is completely unhistoric. He seemed to be having far too much fun! This is completely amusing.

Surprise Stingray

And here’s another stingray image. We all know that stingrays are entirely harmless if you do not try to harm them, and it is common to engage with creatures that you are interested in while on vacation, at least for most people who do not feel alienated in this circumstance. As the stingray jumps out of the water and onto her back, the woman in the shot seems horrified. But we can’t blame her; it looks terrifying but also hilarious. When she looks back at this photo, she will undoubtedly laugh at herself for being so afraid.

Attacked by Deer

How can this boy not see that his sister is being mauled by a herd of animals just a few feet behind him? He seemed to be pleased with his shot, but we’re not so sure about his sister. She appears to be receiving it, however, because she is simply overcrowded. She might have been holding something. He appears to be unaware of what is going on, making it an epic image to look back on when they are both older. We are confident that as she grows older, this little girl will despise her sibling. Cry, cry, cry!

Dog Attack

Nothing special, simply a typical family vacation portrait with a child being mauled by the family dog. We all advised him not to bother the dog while taking the picture, but he still irritated it and was attacked. We’ve all seen how energetic dogs can be when they’re excited; this one was probably attempting to show his appreciation for the little child, but it backfired. It’s hilarious, and we’re sure the family wasn’t expecting it. It doesn’t appear to be serious, but if they were to look back a few years, they would still laugh at it.

Drop the Baby

People, please remember this when taking family photos. It is critical to recognize that you must remember not to drop the infant. It is not acceptable to drop your children in order to capture the perfect family portrait. Although it is fairly amusing to look at, we are pretty sure this poor infant did not feel the same way. When she’s older and looks at this photo in a few years, she’ll giggle and probably be angry with her mother for dropping her on the ground to get a decent shot.

The Horde of Monkeys

Monkey sees, monkey does! Have you heard that expression? It turns out that it also works on humans. When a monkey shows interest in you, it might be frightening because they will end up doing everything you do. As you can see in the photo, if you have food in your hand, they will either grab it from you or wait for you to give it to them, regardless of where you are standing. We can only image her expression when she looks at this a few years from now and tells her friends about it.

The Photographer

To shoot a decent photo, you need the right lighting, the right angle, and the appropriate scene, but no one ever said you should have nails like that. Those nails are going to put a hole in a fish’s eye. Or, for that matter, anyone’s eye. We’re not sure what this guy was attempting to do with those nails, but if it obviously improved his performance, he might have been onto something. The shot seemed to have turned out fantastically. Excellent work, but you’re still on this list!

The Muddy Wonder

Nothing like a nice mud bath to get your day started, but this guy must have gone overboard. When you don’t have sunscreen, mud will most likely protect you from the sun’s harmful rays. This guy certainly didn’t mind the heat because he calls it natural sunscreen. It’s hilarious, but when he sees at this photo after returning from his trip, he’ll probably question why he put it on his body in the first place. It makes us all question what he was attempting to accomplish here.


Nothing beats a pleasant family vacation to France, especially when it comes to the much-anticipated photo opportunity with the famed Eiffel Tower. However, it appears that this child did not receive the memo, and despite his parents’ best efforts to smile and pose, you can’t help but notice the crouched child with his head in the plastic bag. We’re not sure if he’s hunting for something or vomiting from jet lag, but he really destroyed the shot. Sorry about that, friend.

The Original Meme

We’re not sure what’s funnier about this photo: the fact that they’re all wearing the same, that they all have their dad’s really awful smile, that they’re all staring in different directions, or that it looks like something straight out of “Revenge of the Nerds.” This is one of the family portraits that most of these youngsters will never exhibit in public. Worse, we can’t help but imagine them all with his mustache.

Life in Canada

In Canada, it appears that all you need for a good family portrait is a few pick-axes and a creepy-looking polar bear. We’re not sure if it’s the polar bear’s scary grin (or the father’s grin) or the fact that they appear to be within an ice cave that makes this shot odd and stranger the more we look at it. So many odd details: the father is dressed like a 1940s businessman, the daughter appears to be in pajamas, one kid brought a stuffed polar bear (apparently because a life-sized one wasn’t enough), the other kid brought something that looks like a Civil War weapon, and that mother just looks delighted! Canada is strange.

What the…?

This is simply incorrect on so many ways. What are these individuals happy about? Perhaps they knew she’d be fine and thought, “hey, this is a nice opportunity for a family photo, let’s just ask one of the free paramedics!” Whatever was going on here, we’re sure the woman on the stretcher didn’t want to remember it. When she recovers, her family will have some explaining to do!

Mama Bear Needs Directions

This is either the worst instance of car trouble we’ve ever seen, or the family paused to get a better look at the mama bear and her youngster. Regardless, we strongly advise them to get that car moving as soon as possible. This is either the worst instance of car trouble we’ve ever seen, or the family paused to get a better look at the mama bear and her youngster. Regardless, we strongly advise them to get that car moving as soon as possible.

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