Travel Photo Fails That Went Horribly Wrong

Scary Croc

This lady seemed far too scared to confront this small bay alligator. We can’t really blame her. The amusing aspect of this photograph is that the alligator is plainly banded around the mouth and even tied up, indicating that it is absolutely harmless. So we have no idea why this lady is freaking out because she is absolutely safe. Aside from that, the alligator appears to be more afraid of her than she is of him. We’re all wondering how she’ll react to this photo when she sees it in a few years. Definitely a photograph to remember.

The Highway’s Side

Aww, these two appear to be having a good time, but standing on the side of the highway like that is a little daring. It’s amusing, but these grandparents had the greatest of intentions. They obviously wanted to remember their journey to Indianapolis, so they took a picture on the side of the road. It’s a clever idea, but we can’t think of any better occasions to execute it. They were probably not thinking about their safety anymore, as brave as they are, simply to acquire a cute image.

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