Unsettling Photographs

Nick should flee as soon as possible

When the coincidence is too perfect, what appears to be an innocent child’s graffiti and playing around becomes something serious and terrifying. While exploring his girlfriend’s house, Nick entered the loft and discovered the word “Nick” scribbled all over the wall. It was his first visit to the area. Although there was most likely only a boy named Nick who lived there previously, we find the coincidence unsettling. It doesn’t appear to be or have a particularly bad connotation (though the entire concept is rather frightening), therefore it could be a nice indication from the universe rather than anything to be afraid of. Oh, I kid you not; there’s Satan’s star.

The Girlfriend with Two Heads

If this photo was taken on purpose to depict a Jekyll and Hyde personality switch, it may be pretty innovative. The real tale behind this man’s two-headed girlfriend is simpler, but no less creepy: she sneezed during a panoramic photo shoot. What was almost a cute smiling photo of the two of them gradually became an ominous portrait of the three of them. What’s scarier than the extra head in the photo is her weird sneezing face. It’s difficult to believe it’s the same individual!

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